PVC Real Estate Arm Package


The Real Estate Post Package

* Includes 5′ Arm, PowerStake, and 24″ x 24″ Double Sided metal sign


The Real Estate Post Kit includes everything that is needed for installation. You simply provide the real estate sign. Our patent pending internal key makes assembly and disassembly of our Real Estate Post fast and easy. It also gives the sign post a clean smooth look because there are no external screws needed to hold the sign arm in place. Installation is especially easy with to our PowerStake.
The 36″ arm holds up to a 24″ sign.  The 47″ arm holds up to a 36″ sign.
Are holes predrilled for rider clips?
  • Yes! All of our post systems have a small hole predrilled for 4Ever Rider Clips.
Can we use 4×4 wood posts with Real Estate Posts?
  • Yes. A 4×4 post fits perfectly inside our posts. Typically customers who want to use a 4×4 post do not need the included PowerStake.
I would prefer to bury my post. How does this work?
  • Yes. Some customers prefer to bury their posts rather than use the stakes, either because of loose soil conditions or because they want a more permanent solution. We offer an option that gives an eight foot post without a PowerStake. This can be direct buried. If you need even more stability, you can insert a 4×4 wood post into our post.
What tools are required?
  • A Phillips screwdriver for the rider clips and a hammer for the PowerStake are the only tools required. Installation is a breeze!
I am having a difficult time driving the stake into our hard soil. Is there an easier way?
  • Our customers deal with as variety of soil conditions and not everyone has perfect soil. If you are in an area where the ground is frozen or extremely hard, you may consider using a battery drill with a 1/2″ drill bit 12-18″ in length. Some of our professional installers use this method and it makes installations a piece of cake. Simply drill a straight hole and tap in the PowerStake. Slide your Real Estate Post over the stake and you are done!
My post is spinning and no longer faces in the right direction. What is wrong?
  • All of our stake systems have an anti-rotation device incorporated into their design. In nearly all cases, the spinning occurs because the stake was not driven far enough into the ground. Make sure the bottom plate is flush with the ground so that the anti-rotation feature can do its job.

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